Young Person’s Safeguarding in Badminton

Safeguarding, Young Person’s Safeguarding in Badminton, Badminton Wales

Badminton is a fantastic sport for young people to be involved in and can have a positive affect on your wellbeing.

However, you may find there are some situations which have a negative impact on your wellbeing. Here are some issues which could affect you.

Bullying in Badminton

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behaviour that can be in several forms:

Verbal bullying – saying negative or mean things e.g. name calling.

Social bullying – hurting someone’s reputation or relationships with other people e.g. spreading rumours about someone.

Physical bullying – hurting a person’s body or their possessions e.g. breaking someone’s phone or kicking someone.

Safeguarding, Young Person’s Safeguarding in Badminton, Badminton Wales

Bullying is wrong in any area of life and we do not encourage bullying. If you find someone is bullying you, do not deal with it alone and please tell someone you trust.

Bullying is negative behaviour which can make you feel not very good about yourself so it’s important to try and stay positive. Visit the childline website for more information on ways you can deal with bullying.

Mistreatment in Badminton

There are different types of mistreatment or abuse that can occur in life, including in a badminton environment. If you find someone is being abusive to you, you should report it immediately to an adult you trust.

These are the types of abuse and some examples that could occur:

Verbal abuse:
e.g. someone calling you names when you don’t play well

e.g. someone giving you the silent treatment when you don’t win

e.g. someone hitting shuttles at you

e.g. being left alone at a badminton event all day

Sexual abuse:
e.g. someone touching you in an inappropriate manner

Another common issue young people can have is inappropriate contact from adults. If you find an adult is being overly friendly, please tell another adult you trust.

Abuse is never ok. It’s not your fault and please don’t deal with it alone.

People you can report abuse to are:
Parents, coaches, teachers, club welfare officers or other adults you trust.

online through their website or by phone on 0800 1111

call 101 or 999 if it is an emergency

Badminton Wales Safeguarding Team
via the Register a concern form.

Discrimination in Badminton

Discrimination is when you are treated unfairly or worse because of your age, disability, relationship status, family status, gender, religious beliefs, race or sexuality.

Discrimination in badminton is not acceptable and everyone should be given an opportunity to enjoy the game.

You may find that there are times in badminton where tournaments, matches and practices are only for certain ages, abilities and males or females. This is done so people can play with others of a similar standard.

If someone stops you from playing badminton for a reason that doesn’t seem fair, please tell someone you trust so it can be raised with the organiser.

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